Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Counseling / Reiki Master

​​Intuit Nutrition's program starts with the basics: Nutrition. We literally are what we eat. What we eat gets digested, and then absorbed into our blood. It is from our blood that our cells, our organs, our tissues, and, ultimately, our thoughts are created. Once you start eating right, you will be amazed at how the rest of your health—and your life—starts to fall into place. Through eating good, simple whole foods, your body will naturally move to its natural weight AND into a natural state of health.

This program is for those who are serious about learning how what they eat—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It can bring and maintain balance to your health, as well as their lives. I work hard to help you get where you need or want to be … starting with nutrition.

​Finding me means you are ready to discover where things in your life have unwittingly gone awry and are now creating imbalances, disease and dis-ease in your health and life. 
It is not your fault. Stress and the distractions of daily life blind us to how compromised our health becomes. Awareness of our body only comes when its cries for help become too loud to ignore.

Via the healing power of food, both the kind that comes on your plate as well as those that don’t, Intuit Nutrition helps reconnect you to your sense of health by providing custom health plans—incorporating:

  • Whole Food Nutrition Counseling 
  • Usui Reiki w/ Karuna Level I & II
  • LIFE Stress Management and Wellness System (biofeedback)

 tailored to you and your body, mind and spirit's needs.

What clients Are Saying ...

"(I)t’s been almost two months since I worked with Karen. You see, it’s easy to say that someone has made a difference in your life and has truly shown you great things when they’re right in front of you week after week. It’s another thing to go 60 days without them and have them leave a lasting impression on you. But that’s exactly what Karen has done for me."


Grown in the lush gardens of rural Thailand, we gather all of our herbs and spices from small, local growers in the Gulf of Thialand region. In an effort to revitalize the local economies, we work directly with farmers in Koh Chang, Koh Samet, and Hua Hin.


ONE MORE … for now!

Over the course of three months, Karen ... taught me how to eat better and make better choices not only with food, but circumstances I faced in any given day. Taking time for me, focusing on the present and changing my diet to a more natural and organic nature has done wonders for me. Of course, I lost weight, but it goes way beyond that. I feel good! I’m not tired, fatigued or bloated all the time. My skin tone is better than it was in my teenage years (I’m almost 50); my nails and hair are healthier, shiny and growing like crazy. I am more relaxed and not so anxious all the time. This is HUGE for me! .... My thyroid medicine has been reduced 3 times since making healthier choices, hoping to get off the medication. I no longer have to use my C-PAP machine for my sleep apnea—no more snoring! 

More ...

"I called Karen in desperation, hoping she could help me rein in my lifelong leg pain. One of my earliest memories is at the family dinner table pleading to my mom that my legs hurt. She brushed it off announcing, “It’s just growing pains.” So, the rest of my life I oscillated between accepting and suffering through the pain to vowing I’d find the root of it!
For the next 50 years, I saw various doctors, . All this lead me eventually to Karen. Within minutes, Karen sorted out some troublesome eating habits."

​Reconnecting you with your sense of health