To best reconnect you to your sense of health and self,

we work together to help you “intuit” the best,

most nourishing food for your body!

Working one-on-one and using a holistic, energetic

and multi-dietary approach, based in Traditional

Chinese and Complimentary medicines, together we

review and evaluate your specific lifestyle and nutritional needs. At the end of all sessions, I offer dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations, all of which you agree are doable and are designed to get you closer to your body and your goals.

The first session is 1½ hrs long and is $90.  At this time, I learn where you are at, what has worked or not worked in the past, and if we are on the same page. If you like my style and my process, you decide if you would like to continue with more sessions. Get-in-2-It Programs are an investment in you, and commit to your healing ensues the best results.

  • Investment for three-month (five sessions) program is $375.00
  • Investment for six-month (11 sessions) program is $770.00

Payment in full is required after first appointment (Payment plans are available.) Reasonable follow-up phone calls and unlimited email access with questions are included. I am here for you!

Usui & KARUNA REIKI MasteR & Quantum Touch

L.i.f.e Stress management & Wellness System

( or l.i.f.e. biofeedback, for Short)

"Get-in-2-it" Nutrition Counseling

Attentive listening skills, an amiable wit and a guiding spirit add a personal touch to my sessions. This innovative approach enables you to make connections between your food choices and the results you experience in your life (current ones as well as possible explanations of past choices). As we proceed on these journeys of self-discovery together, you begin to tap into your own innate wisdom and sense of self-worth, resulting in a program that is both specifically designed for and as individual as you. Let's see what Intuit Nutrition can do for you!​

Nutrition & Wellness Counseling

L.I.F.E. Biofeedback Sessions

Reiki combining

Usui, Karuna & Quantum Touch


How may I Be of service?


Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Counseling Reiki Master in Syracuse

Gift certificates are available for Biofeedback and Reiki sessions, as well as discounts for advanced multiple session purchases.

(Please Note: I reserve the right to refuse work with any client at my digression.)

When we are confronted with ANY stressful situations—

whether it is from a sudden stop in traffic to screaming

kids to interviewing for a job—our bodies have a "fight

or flight” response. This ancient, unconscious pattern,

which once provided human beings with a necessary form

of self-protection, is the root of many of today’s illnesses.

No matter the form that stress might take,
L.I.F.E. (Living Information Forms Energy) is a non-invasive professional biofeedback technology used by thousands of trained and qualified practitioners. Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Homeopaths, Medical Doctors, Nutritionists and Veterinarians are using the L.I.F.E. System to assist in achieving Stress Management, Muscle Relaxation, and Preventative Healthcare, while supporting the well being of their clients.

L.I.F.E. is a guided system that works on vibrations or frequencies (think, Quantum Physics), which evaluates energetic stressors on the body, then feeds the information back to help the body to strengthen itself against these stress factors and start healing itself.

My nutrition expertise is applied to all my L.I.F.E session, thus you not only receive the rebalancing work of the biofeedback device, but you leave with food recommendations to help support and extended the energy received through this therapeutic technology.

  • First time sessions are 1½ hours: $125.​
  • All follow-up sessions are 1 hour: $100. The number of sessions you will need depends on how receptive your body is to the energy.

(NOTE: The information generated by LIFE in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor is it to replace any current medical treatment prescribed by your physician.)

                                                           Reiki is a gentle,

                                                           non-invasive and

                                                             ancient form of

                                                         natural healing energy.

                                                          Pronounced Ray-Key,

                                                        this modality originates

                                                       from two Japanese words

                                                        “Rei” and “Ki,” meaning

                                                         "universal life energy".

With Reiki, a practitioner's hands are very gently placed on the fully-clothed body of a person in a variety of established places on the head, chest, abdomen and back. This method of activating and balancing the life-force energy (also known as prana, qi or chi) was brought to the West in 1937 by Saici Takata. Light-hand placement is used on the body to align the chakras and channel energy to organs and glands. Reiki can be used as a form of health maintenance and disease prevention, and it can be applied as a self-help technique or used on others.

I started my Reiki training back in 2001 with the Reiki School & Clinic in Philadelphia. After 4 years, I was attuned as a Master. Over the course of the last 10 years, I have further my energy work with attunements in Karuna Reiki and Quantum Touch; all of which I bring together to offer serene and relaxing ½ hr- or 1-hr sessions that rebalance and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit at one time.

  • Half-hour sessions: $35, w/ intuitive reading: $45
  • One Hour sessions: $65, w/ intuitive reading: $75