On Tuesday, October 16th, the Multiple Sclerosis Resources of CNY is hosting its 3rd Annual Health & Wellness Expo, and I have the honor of being invited to be a part of an event intended to educate the MS community on the support agencies and resources available in the area. The event is being held at Barbagallo's Restaurant in East Syracuse, on 6743 East Molloy Road, from 2 to 5 pm.

Please stop by my table, say "Hi," and ask me how food and lifestyle can help improve your health, MS-related or otherwise. Maybe take a flier or article or two, enter a drawing for a free session for one of my other services -- Nutrition, Reiki, LIFE Biofeedback or Ancestral Clearing -- or to ask questions about how I can support you in Reconnecting You to Your Sense of Health. 

​Look forward to seeing to there!

Click here learn more about the good works & people of Multiple Sclerosis Resources of CNY.

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